City of Las Vegas Recognizes Viviana Mehner

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl introduces Viviana Mehner to Councilman Ricki Barlow

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl introduces Viviana Mehner to Councilman Ricki Barlow

Chilean Consulate Introduces City Hall to Chilean Culture

15 September, 2009 // Viviana Mehner, President of the Chilean Association of Nevada, was honored today by the City of Las Vegas for her outstanding leadership.  The award was presented in front of the entire Las Vegas City Council, including Mayor Oscar Goodman.

Prior to receiving the award in City Hall chambers, Ms. Mehner was personally introduced by Consul Biggs Sparkuhl to Las Vegas Ward 5 City Councilman Ricki Barlow, in whose ward substantial Chilean investments have been made in recent years.   

Viviana was also introduce to the Consul’s old friend, Ward 4 City Councilman Stavros Anthony.  councilman Anthony’s ward includes the Chilean consulate itself.

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl, Viviana Mehner, Councilman Stavros Anthony

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl, Viviana Mehner, Councilman Stavros Anthony

The councilmen joined the Consul and Ms. Mehner and enjoyed live chilean music from Voces de Chile.  The performance stopped dozens of people who took a moment to hear the fantastic music in the morning sun.

 Speech of the Consul:  “Thank you for having me.  My name is Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl.  I was appointed by the President of Chile to represent my Country as Honorary Consul in Las Vegas, in 2002.
Viviana Mehner represents the kind of Chilean who makes us all proud.
An Entrepreneur, she also takes on the extraordinary civic responsibility of being a leader in our society.  Viviana has tirelessly worked to carry the torch lit by my mother, Paulina Bosch, years ago when she started the Chilean Association.
As President of the Association today, Viviana has fought hard to grow the organization , its services and events, during these trying times. 
Under Viviana’s leadership, the Chilean association has grown – much like the trade treaties of Chile herself – to include others in the culture and prosperity of the Chilean experience.
Chileans came to Las Vegas not only to partake in the opportunities of the US, but also to contribute.  Whether it is running the local car dealership, conducting the orchestra, singing to us this morning, or starting a women’s shelter, attaining fame and fortune as a surgeon, or simply a happy life in the employment of industry, we are here to stay.
These are trying times in the Unites States, and many are tempted to return to Chile’s relative prosperity.  We don’t forget where we come from, but we also do not forget our friends and community in time of need.  We are here to stay.
Viviana represents the best in Chilean American society.  I congratulate her on this substantial recognition from the City we love.”

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