Chilean Consulate Meets Taca Airlines Official

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl suggests extending routes to Arica and Santiago.

25 Sept. 2009/–Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl met with Reyna Flores, representative of Taca Airlines.  Consul Biggs Sparkuhl

Renya Flores of Taca Airlines and Consul Biggs Sparkuhl

Reyna Flores of Taca Airlines and Consul Biggs Sparkuhl

suggested Taca extend its routes to include the Arica, Chile’s underserved northern airport.  The Consul explained that Arica is set to expand dramatically, and Santiago is presently underserved by competing airlines. 

Ms. Flores immediately offered her assistance, and requested market details from Consul Sparkuhl to present to her colleagues at Taca.  The consulate has forwarded its report on the region of Arica to Ms. Flores for consideration, and is providing market data regarding Santiago. 

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl has led investment and trade missions from Las Vegas to Chile in the past, and is optimistic about working more closely with Ms. Flores and Taca.